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Speech articulation is the formation of clear and distinct sounds by your tongue, teeth, lips, and palate.  This is what carries your message across to another.

Does your child have a sound or sounds that he/she cannot seem to say correctly?  Maybe you can understand your child, but other people ask them to repeat or look to you to interpret what your child said.  

A speech sound delay or disorder is not best to leave to chance.  A speech pathologist can tell if your child's speech issues will likely correct themselves or not.  The good news is that speech therapy can make a world of difference.  Sound Speech & Hearing will evaluate your child and follow you for therapy until the speech issue is resolved or you have a plan moving forward.  


Steps to take:

  1. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation.

  2. Schedule an evaluation.

  3. Review results of your evaluation and the treatment plan.

  4. Your child will attend therapy sessions once or twice each week.  

  5. You will be given a home carry-over plan.

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