Children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing can develop extraordinary listening and spoken language skills. Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT) is a family-centered approach that guides parents in unlocking the potential and possibilities within their child.

No matter how profound your child's hearing loss, the appropriate amplification device combined with AVT can have a tremendous impact.  Sound Speech & Hearing will work with your family to help you achieve your goals for your child.

AVT involves weekly sessions for your family. Throughout the course of therapy, we continually evaluate the progress of both child and parent(s), and make adjustments in our approach as necessary.

Children learn to use their cochlear implants or hearing aids to listen to their own voices, the voices of others and the sounds of their environment in order to understand spoken language. Therapy features fun, engaging activities that help sharpen essential skills.

Parents work alongside the therapist and are educated on a variety of practical strategies and techniques they can integrate into daily family life.

AVT is designed for children from birth to six years old to guide caregivers and parents in helping your child develop spoken language through listening, using everyday natural and meaningful communication. In the case that AVT is not the right fit for your child and family, we'll explore other communication approaches that may be more appropriate.

At your first appointment, we discuss with you:

  • Your long-term goals for your child

  • Your vision for your child and your family

  • All of the communication options

Sound Speech & Hearing will follow children of all ages for evaluations, consultation and periodic check-ins. ​