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95% of babies with hearing loss are born to parents who have typical hearing. 
Baby deaf diagnosis | Verbal therapy

"How can deaf babies learn to talk?"  

That's one of the first question many parents ask when their child has been diagnosed with hearing loss.  There is so much hope in this situation, but it can be difficult to navigate the unknown.  AVT has helped thousands of babies and toddlers learn to listen and talk on par with their hearing peers.  

You have options.  

As a parent, you have the option of choosing to pursue spoken language for your child.  The earlier you begin Auditory Verbal Therapy, the better. 

"But my child is already a toddler!"


If spoken language is the vision you have for your toddler, there is no better time to start than now.   

AVT is designed for children from birth to six years old to guide caregivers and parents in helping your child develop spoken language through listening, using everyday natural and meaningful communication. In the case that AVT is not the right fit for your child and family, we'll explore other communication approaches that may be more appropriate.

At your first appointment, we discuss with you:​

  • Your vision for your child and your family

  • All of the communication options

  • Your audiologist's recommendations

Sound Speech & Hearing will follow children of all ages for evaluations, consultation and periodic check-ins. ​

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