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Language Therapy can address a child's ability to express themselves through spoken language or a child's ability to understand the language they receive from others.  

Expressive Language refers to your child's ability to express his or her thoughts, needs, and opinions.  It encompasses his/her ability to make a choice, ask a question, describe an event or argue a point of view.  We all need to communicate freely and effectively.  



Receptive Language refers to your child's ability to understand the words and connected language presented to him or her.  A child who has difficulty understanding may have difficulty attending to a book, following directions, or appropriately answering questions.  They may fall behind in academic tasks or withdraw socially.  Some children may have behavior issues at school and at home. 

Steps to take:

  1. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation.

  2. Schedule an evaluation.

  3. Review results of your evaluation and the treatment plan.

  4. Your child will attend therapy sessions once or twice each week.  

  5. You will be given a home carry-over plan.

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