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Reading is not an innate skill.  Sound Speech & Hearing uses an Orton Gillingham approach for teaching and supporting struggling readers. This is a language-based, multi-sensory, structured, sequential, cumulative, and adaptable approach to reading instruction.  

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Who can benefit from the Orton Gillingham (OG) method?  

If your child is struggling to keep up in school, is ashamed to read aloud, has declared that he or she HATES reading, you might need an OG approach.  There is hope.  


The first and most important thing is that your student feels no shame in learning to read.  One in every five students struggles with reading.  Lessons are fun and engaging and will set your child at ease.  At Sound Speech & Hearing, we work together through everything your child knows, and then build on those skills, one-by-one, in a sequential order, to create confidence and mastery.  

The foundation of Orton Gillingham is found in a five star lesson plan:

  • Three Part Drill  –  Visual, Auditory/Kinesthetic, Blending, Vowel Intensive learning

  • Teaching a New Concept   –  Multi-sensory experience, Application through Dictation

  • Decoding and Encoding   –  Multi-syllabic words, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency

  • Sight words - Rule breakers and Redwords

  • Comprehension  –  Reciprocal Reading, Oral Reading


All these skills develop increased fluency and automaticity of reading. Step-by-step you can get there!  It is never too late to learn to read. 

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