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Each week I have the privilege of working with the world’s most phenomenal mothers. They inspire me and I could never do my job without them.

In real life, the weariness that comes with raising little ones can weigh on a mom. They put on brave faces to keep little ones feeling safe and loved. Day to day tasks can seem insurmountable and often leave moms feeling invisible. But I see you.

I see you with all the back-up batteries, processors, remote mics in your purse.

I see you maneuvering the hearing aids so that your baby can nurse without that whistling sound.

I see you pulling all the goals together and rearranging your lives to work on them.

I see you saving scraps of paper from every experience to add to that experience book.

I see you bringing your laundry basket to the library to fill it with books for the next few weeks.

I see you learning Disney song lyrics so your child can sing along with their friends.

I see you talking about the bath before you take off the hearing aids and actually give the bath.

I see you lugging that 4” binder with color coded tabs into your IEP meeting.

I see you pouring out your last drop of energy to keep your family happy and in the land of the living.

I see you choke back tears as you tell me that your child made a friend who thinks cochlear implants are so cool.

I see you try and hide the nerves as your kid goes off to that first day of mainstream school.

I see you lovingly hush the younger sibling so your HOH child can hear himself read.

I see you with the diaper bag full of board books and snacks as you sit in the waiting room reading to your baby.

I see you take out your detailed notes at the audiologist to let them know how it’s going.

I see you celebrate all the wins and take time to enjoy the moment.

I see you getting off your 4th bus transfer, with a toddler in tow, to make it to AVT.

I see you.

I see you.

You don’t feel like it now, but you are their hero. You are all MY heroes. You inspire, uplift, and set an example for future generations of moms of kids with hearing loss. The choice you have made for you and your family is often the road less traveled. But you know it’s worth it.

It is all worth it.

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