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In AVT we check the child’s ability to hear the Ling sounds everyday. Since hearing can change spontaneously, and technology can breakdown, it is important to check these sounds daily. At Sound Speech & Hearing, we do it at the beginning of each session.

The “Ling Six Sound Test” was developed by Daniel Ling PhD. He discovered that there are six main sounds that encompass the broad range of speech sounds we use when we speak. AH, OO, EE, S, SH, M. Each sound we say corresponds with a specific frequency. For example, the S sound is found at approximately 5,000-8,000 Hz. The six Ling sounds are representative of the sounds around the parameters of our speech sounds. In other words, we do not need to test the child for all 44+ sounds in the English Language. We check the six sounds to get a basic idea of what the child can hear.

In the early years, we also use these sounds to develop an auditory memory with the child. Since the child is exposed to these sounds daily, their brains begin to recognize these familiar sounds and associate them with the object or toy used. It is exciting to watch as the child begins to demonstrate that they hear the difference between the sounds, and begin to say the sounds themselves!

Now that you have an understanding of the Ling sounds, read the next article on the LMH sounds.


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